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How to Play

American Roulette

Played throughout the world, Roulette is one of the classics. Its popularity lies in its simplicity and sparkle. You place your bet where you think the ball will land and then watch as we spin the wheel.

Game play:

  • You buy in for colour chips and you place your bets on the table.
  • You can choose to bet on a single number, or series, or combination of numbers.
  • The dealer then spins the ball of the Roulette wheel.
  • The dealer will call ‘no more bets’ just before the ball drops.
  • It will drop into one of the 37 numbers (0 – 36).
  • Choose the wrong number and you lose all your chips.
  • But when the ball drops into your number you win.
  • The amount you win will be based on the odds shown at the table, with the top payout for a single bet on the number at 35 to 1.



Blackjack is arguably the most skillful and fascinating of all casino games. Played between the dealer and player, the object is to get as close to 21 but not above. This game is fast paced and wins can increase when playing more than one box.


Game play:

  • You buy in for cash chips and place your bet in either one or more of the playing boxes.
  • The dealer deals two cards to each player and one to themselves. Jacks, Queens and Kings count as 10, and Aces count as 11 or 1 depending on how the score affects your hand.
  • The dealer goes to all players in turn around the table, to give you the opportunity to ask for more cards.
  • You have the option here to take a gamble and perhaps double your chances, by placing the equal amount of your original bet, to double for one card only, or split any pair.
  • If you are happy with your total you say ‘no more cards’. If your cards total over 21 then you ‘bust’ and you lose your bet.
  • When you and all other players are happy with your hands, the dealer will draw one or more cards for their hand.
  • If the dealer’s hand is the closest to 21 then you lose.
  • If your hand is closer than the dealer’s hand to 21 then you win. Winning bets are paid even money.
  • If you have the same hand as the dealer it’s called a stand-off, which means you neither win nor lose.


Super Stud Poker

This famous five-card game allows you to play against the dealer for the best poker hand. The real excitement here comes from playing the Progressive Jackpot.


Game play:

  • You buy in for cash chips and place your bet in the box marked ‘Ante’.
  • If you want to enter into the Super Stud Jackpot then you need to place a £1 bet on the Progressive bet circle.
  • The dealer will deal five cards to you face down, and five cards to themselves. The dealer’s last card is placed face up to help you make your next decision. This is because the dealer’s hand only qualifies if it contains an Ace and a King or better.
  • You are looking for you best five-card poker hand. Anything from a Pair, to a Straight or Royal Flush.
  • If you think your hand can beat the dealer and you decide to stay in the game, you place your cards face down in the ‘Raise’ box, and place another bet of exactly double your ‘Ante’ bet on top of your cards.
  • If you decide you have nothing worth playing, then you can fold your hand. This means you automatically lose your ‘Ante’ bet, and your entire bet if you have played in the Jackpot.
  • When all players have made their decision the dealer reveals their remaining four cards.
  • If they do not have an Ace and a King or better they will pay out even money on your ‘Ante’ bet without disclosing your hand, providing your hand is still in play. The ‘Raise’ bet is returned to you.
  • If the dealer has a qualifying hand they will disclose your hand to compare it with theirs. If theirs is better you lose both your ‘Ante’ and ‘Raise’ bets. If your hand is better, they will pay out even money on your ‘Ante’ bet, and a bonus payment on your ‘Raise’ according to the odds displayed at the table.
  • If you have one of the top five poker hands you also win a share of the Jackpot.


Three Card Poker

Fast and fun, Three Card Poker is just like Super Stud Poker except you play with three cards instead of five. There are five different ways you can win with this game.



Game play:

  • You buy in for cash chips and place your bet on the box marked ‘Ante’.
  • You can also place an optional separate bet on the ‘Pair Plus’ or the ‘Prime’ bet, or both.
  • The dealer will deal three cards to each player and three to themselves. All cards are face down.
  • You are looking at your cards for your best three-card poker hand.
  • If you choose to stay in the game you place a ‘Play’ bet on the table. This should be the same amount as your ‘Ante’ bet.
  • If you decide not to continue in the game you can fold your hand and surrender your ‘Ante’ bet.
  • The dealer needs at least a Queen high or better to qualify, and play against your hand. If the dealer does not qualify, your ‘Ante’ bet is automatically paid even money and your ‘Play’ bet is returned to you.
  • If the dealer has a qualifying hand they will compare it with your hand to determine who has the better hand. If the dealer hand is better than yours, then you lose both bets. If your hand is better you win even money on both your ‘Ante’ and ‘Play’ bets.
  • If you have one of the top-three, three-card poker hands you automatically qualify for an ‘Ante’ bonus payout.
  • You can win the table odds on the ‘Pair Plus’ bet automatically if you have any winning poker hand.
  • You can win the table odds on the ‘Prime’ bet automatically if all three of your cards are of the same colour. And better still if your three cards match the colour of all three of the dealer’s cards.


Punto Banco

Punto Banco is based on the popular French ‘Baccarat’. It’s a straightforward contest between two sides: Punto(Player) and Banco (Bank). You simply bet on which side you think will win with cards closest to 9.


Game play:

  • You buy in for cash chips and place a bet in the betting area on either ‘Player’, ‘Bank’, or ‘Egalite’ (a tie between the two hands).
  • The object of the game is to bet on which of the two hands will come closer to a total of 9. 10’s, picture cards and any combination of cards totalling 10 all count as 0.
  • The dealer deals two cards to the ‘Player’ and the ‘Bank’, and then decides whether or not to draw a third card on each according to the rules of the game.
  • After the cards are dealt it’s a simple contest between ‘Player’ and ‘Bank’ with one winning, the other losing. Whoever is the nearest to 9 wins and all bets are settled. A winning bet on the ‘Player’ is paid even money. A winning bet on the ‘Bank’ is paid 19 to 20.
  • Where the ‘Player’ and ‘Bank’ are the same total you win only on the ‘Egalite’ bet. This pays 9 to 1.
  • There is also a further optional sidebet called ‘Super Pay Egalite’, which offers even more excitement, and chances of winning at increased odds.